BµA Experts

Our network of microalgae experts join in to single out the cutting-edge of innovation in the sector


The various experts involved are key in detecting genuine innovation and weeding out any irrelevant or dubious innovation. 

Our group of experts decide on the theme of the Awards for the following years and can sit as judges when appropriate.


Experts grade the pitches of the innovators

Even when their expertise isn’t sufficiently relevant to the theme of the year, their general industry-specific knowledge is put to contribution to help preselect the best innovations for the judges.

Experts can take part in the due diligence process if needed

They make sure that the applications of the finalists are properly prevetted and all their claims are validated before being submitted to the judges, for instance opining on the truthfulness of statements relating to their specific field of expertise.

Microalgae innovation needs your support

We all know deep down that the microalgae algae ecosystem would benefit from a stronger collective focus. Now is our time to shine: join us in helping the ecosystem address some of the key challenges facing the industry and society at large.