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The Best Microalgae Awards team is thrilled to announce that the Indian organic spirulina producer and exporter Algaezone has decided to generously sponsor a decidated ‘Social Spirulina in India’ prize.

Algaezone: trusted go-to organic spirulina supplier with an export focus

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Algaezone is a brand new organic spirulina producer based in Tamil Nadu, in southern India. Its ambition is to present the very best spirulina to B2B clients delivered from either Europe or India, starting in October 2020. Algaezone’s founder, automation engineer Kannan Thangsamy, has a single focus: providing the very best value for money with a fully accredited algae farm in India and a logistics base in the European Union to serve clients from close by.

The Algaezone Best Microalgae Award for Social Spirulina in India

The purpose of the award is to support an evidence-based approach or demonstrator case that leverages spirulina to promote better health outcomes in underprivileged or undersupported populations in India.

Algaezone will provide a minimum donation of 200 kg of top-grade spirulina to one or several organizations by the end of the year and is hoping to find long-term partners making good use of the microalgae.

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