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The Best Microalgae Awards team is thrilled to announce that the French international solidarity NGO Antenna France has decided to generously sponsor a dedicated ‘Social Spirulina in West Africa’ prize with an in-kind donation of spirulina.

Antenna France fights against infant malnutrition by supporting spirulina social entrepreneurs

Antenna France spirulina against malnutrition

Antenna France has been promoting the use of spirulina against malnutrition since 2002. It supports the production and distribution of spirulina in developing countries, with a strong focus on West Africa and Madagascar.

Over the course of its history, it has supported over 15 small-scale spirulina farms with production capacities of up to 1,2 tons per year, impacting up to 115,000 children over the past 18 years. The NGO is currently supporting farms in Mali, Niger, Madagascar and Togo, as well as Nutrition Houses in Madagascar and Togo.

The Antenna France Best Microalgae Award for Social Spirulina in West Africa

The purpose of the award is to support an evidence-based approach or demonstrator case that leverages spirulina to promote better health outcomes in underprivileged or undersupported populations in West Africa. Any serious social use case is invited to apply but data-enhanced applications will be favoured.

The prize is open with free logistics to applicants due to use the spirulina in the following countries: Mali (* preferred), Niger (*), Senegal, Guinea, Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso.

Antenna France will provide a minimum donation of 100 kg (and up to 600 kg!) of top-grade spirulina to one or several organizations by the end of the year and is hoping to find long-term partners making good use of the microalgae.

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